Purchasing an Existing Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ

  • Hecho Restaurants | Orale Mexican Kitchen Hoboken, NJ

Purchasing an Existing Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ

Hecho Restaurants | Orale Hoboken, NJ

Orale Mexican Kitchen

Website: www.oralemk.com 

Year Opened: 2018 

Location: Hoboken, NJ 

Type: Full-Service 

Cuisine: Mexican
Brand/Concept: Quirky Day of The Dead Theme

In 2018, Orale Mexican Kitchen embarked on an exciting expansion journey, bringing its vibrant, Day of the Dead-themed concept to Hoboken, New Jersey. This move was prompted by a unique opportunity to take over the former restaurant space of Porter Collins, located at 1426 Willow Avenue. The vision for this location included loud, pumping music and graffiti-laden walls creating a beverage-focused space within the establishment’s distinctive ‘dead room.’


The initial plan for a separate beverage program in the ‘dead room’ presented challenges during the feasibility study. Running two distinct beverage programs would have strained operational efficiency and became even more challenging when guests would begin to order bar specific drinks not available in certain areas of the restaurant. Recognizing this hurdle, the team made a strategic decision to streamline operations, opting for a single, cohesive approach that would enhance efficiency and maintain the integrity of Orale’s concept.

Services Applied

● Beverage program consolidation for efficiency 

● Adaptation of the Day of the Dead theme to space 

● Collaboration with landlord for transformation 
● Feasibility analysis for optimal operational efficiency


Established a cohesive brand identity, aligning with its Day of the Dead theme by creating a vibrant and immersive dining experience that resonated with the local community. Forged a mutually beneficial relationship with the landlord, turning a failed restaurant space into a successful and unique venture.

Hecho Restaurants | Orale Hoboken, NJ